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Yorumu gönderen: accutane( camila.gomesbbcr.com.br ), 11.06.2012, 08:19 (UTC):
Nicki just wanted to say a big thank you for giving your time to come in and deliver the Kodu sessions last academic year. I am about to start a new cysle of sessions and now that we have some updated computers hopefully they should run much faster.I also want to highly recommend your material for anyone looking for Kodu resources.

Yorumu gönderen: accutane( urozenonrudzki.pl ), 07.06.2012, 08:55 (UTC):
Hi,Another little question. I notice your Kodu SoW is written for them to user xBox controllers.I am reworking many of the resrouces to use just keyboard controls etc, but I would be keen to get controllers, im sure the kids would go wild over that.How simple is it to get the xBox controllers to work with the PC. Is it literally a matter for buying a standard controller from anywhere and its plug and play USB with the PC?And if this is the case and im looking to convince my SLT to invest in say a box of 30-40 xBox controllers any good sources, I’m guessing I’m not going to find these in the Consortium catalogue Craig

Yorumu gönderen: car insurance( prataps1rediffmail.com ), 01.06.2012, 05:48 (UTC):
I am actually having this same problem on my Kubuntu box. I’m getting the error with Java 1.5 & Eclipse 3.2. After looking into it, I noticed my jvm.cfg is blank. Finding the jvm.cfg for Java 1.5 is proving difficult; and just reinstalling the packages from scratch didn’t resolve it either. I’m still working with it, but have been googling about it for two days now. I guess I’ll just download the package from Sun and grab the file out of there.

Yorumu gönderen: Cecilia( wolga-wolgaarcor.de ), 19.05.2012, 01:32 (UTC):
By September 24, 2010 - 6:25 amThank you thank you thank you.Running phpmyadmin on my local sevrer on a Mac. This method saves me a lot of time and head scratching.Most difficult part was finding my config file which was nested in the libraries' folder.Thanks again for sharing.

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